hastily written webpages

This blog is being created as a resource and some of the info is in its note format. As very few people will see it at the moment please bear with the unfinished state. Its useful to have the links readily available online  – if you are a visitor the completed version will be online all nicely tweaked and fresh and logically written in a few weeks. Some pages are notes only at the minute – its not so simple to create pages on a non smartphone mobile….the gist is there but lines may have uploaded in the wrong order … Continue reading hastily written webpages

Business English – Part of the English Language

but obviously not English Literature and it is not an area of study for formal qualifications although the odd letter or letter format and Curriculum Vitae;  College, University, and Workplace applications are sometimes studied Essential in the workplace and includes Report Writing and Business Correspondence; a style, font, layout of documents, copyright information, applications for all manner of things from Funding to Quotations and Tenders. Legal inputs. Continue reading Business English – Part of the English Language